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Do you have a fireplace project Fireplace Doctor can help with?

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Specialists in modern and antique fireplaces and stoves

Fireplace Doctor finds solutions to even the most specific or complex installations to ensure customer satisfaction.


and troubleshooting

Keep it working

Fireplace Doctor services brick and freestanding fireplace flues, and gas units.
We also assist with problems related to smoking, water leaks, and units not working optimally.

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of parts and roof seals

Specialist services

Fireplace Doctor replaces or manufactures parts for old or antique fireplaces or stove units. We also replace roof seals and supply specialized glass rope for close system units.

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into new or existing spaces

Flawless workmanship

Fireplace Doctor specialises in the installation of new, freestanding fireplaces and units into existing brick chimneys or braais. No installation is too complex for Fireplace Doctor.

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extensions and sweeping

Perfect operation

Fireplace Doctor extends existing chimneys to improve their functioning.
We also do chimney sweeping, which is essential to preventing stack fires.

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Fireplace Doctor’s unique 15-point service checklist ensures that your fireplace is safe to use and is working optimally. Our checklist is setting a new standard for fireplace servicing.

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Frequently asked questions

Every 2-4 years is best, to help prevent chimney fires.

Fireplaces should be serviced every 4 years to make sure they are safe to use and working optimally.

Certain parts of a fireplace is prone to wear, which means that smoke, heat, and open flames can escape and cause serious damage. At worst, your house could burn down.

Absolutely! Our unique 15-point service checklist includes checking for places smoke can escape. We also advise on and carry out the necessary work to make your smoke problems go away.

Take a look at the companies we recommend for expert advice on choosing the best fireplace for you.

Wattle and Bluegum is the best suited wood for fireplaces.

Fireplace Doctor’s core values

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Fireplace Doctor’s work is guaranteed

We offer a 6-month guarantee on our installation work and a 3-month guarantee on service work.

We are guaranteed installers with major suppliers. Having your fireplace professionally installed protects your warrantee.