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16kW Cast Iron Fireplace

The hero of any large living room, our Megamaster Tarragon 16kW Cast Iron Fireplace is big enough to keep your home toasty and warm. It is effective in heating rooms ranging between 144-160m² in size. Built with a closed combustion system, the Tarragon 16kW Cast Iron Fireplace heats up much hotter than a conventional open fireplace. Heat generated inside is locked in and will burn at higher temperatures with the door closed. For optimal heat, ensure that the room is well insulated. Your fireplace will emit heat long after the fire has died through the cast iron material it is made of, and the flue pipe. Can be installed with a top or rear flue pipe that is sold separately.




  • Three air vents that can be adjusted according to the amount of wood used.
  • Has a top and rear flue pipe outlet.
  • Cast iron frame with glass door that seals to lock in heat.
  • Includes four small legs to elevate your fireplace from the floor.
  • Easy to clean with the removable ash pan and cast iron grate.
  • Made from Cast Iron for durability.

Delivery Lead Time: 5 – 7 Business days.